In amongst this 31 Day New Zealand Music Month challenge I want to recognise that there is an international community of music blogs. In fact there may be more people writing about music online these days than actually making music.

With the collapse of most traditional print media dedicated to music (certainly in New Zealand) and the way the remaining music print media has been dominated by major music industry players (mainstream and alternative), the discerning listener needs to graze further and wider on the grassy plains of the internet to sustain an appetite for new music.

I've always relied upon the good taste of others to help select my new music listening. Years ago it was the legendary BBC Radio DJ John Peel who introduced me to many lifelong musical friends via C90 cassettes mailed to me by a relative in the UK. These days it is often as not Did Not Chart, Unpopular and Not Unloved . In case you haven't noticed, each blog has a rather wry and knowing title. I like that. Plus 'Not Unloved' is named after a Pastels song, earning extra bonus points.

The blog impresario behind Did Not Chart also runs a regular music event in London called The Hangover Lounge. The Hangover Lounge have released a series of very limited edition 10" mini LPs featuring 6 acoustic versions of songs by Hangover Lounge regulars, including the likes of 'Allo Darlin' and Amor de Dias.

The Hangover Lounge also held a tribute to the late Go-Between songwriter Grant McLennan a few weeks ago. Robert Forster of the Go-Between was there and sang a few of Grant's songs and told some stories.

The Hangover Lounge celebrates it's 5th birthday soon with an event. If you are in London, you should really try to go. I would if I could. I'm pretty sure I'd love having a hangover in the Hangover Lounge. Here are some songs by Birdie, Amor de Dias and Hacia Dos Veranos courtesy of the Hangover Lounge. They will be playing at the birthday event.