Mr Biscuits
Here’s my New Zealand Music Month bandcamp purchase for 2 May. ‘Mr Biscuits’ by Mr Biscuits… this is one of THE Great Lost Dunedin albums (there’s a lot of those). OK, it’s a mini album, but all the same it’s stupendously great. In a much more interesting parallel universe than the one we live in I can imagine Mr Biscuits signing to Kill Rock Star records (yes, it is in the parallel universe too) and this being a massive ‘Nevermind’ style hit all over the world. My favourite part may be the way Sarah pronounces the word ‘arse’ in ‘My Plums are Ripe’. Hard to believe half this band is now 2/3 of Trick Mammoth.

This from the Mr Biscuits Facebook page:
“The dynamic is unstable, and there is a lot of existing tension from old issues. We used to hang out a lot but lately things have been much more difficult. We’re simultaneously each others best friends and worst enemies. We love each other but there have been heaps of fights and meltdowns. We’ve even broken up more than a few times but that’s part of what we are about. Without the tension you wouldn’t get the passion that we hopefully convey.”

– Sam, in an unpublished interview with UTR in early 2011.

Recorded nearly three years ago, our self-titled debut album is finally available via the link below. There are many imperfections, but ultimately, it is a document of the band we once were.

Our true home will always be in the seemingly hundreds of shows we played during our active lifetime, but we are extremely proud to finally present our only collection of studio recordings.

We’re sorry it took so long.”

Richard and Sam play in this band: Males

Adrian and Sam play in this band now: Trick Mammoth